Piggly Wiggly

Customer Spotlight 1140 Montgomery Hwy  
     Every time I push a shopping cart through the entrance to the Piggly Wiggly grocery store conveniently located at 1140 Montgomery Highway in Dothan, Alabama, I feel like I've come home.  Friendly cashiers I've known for years call out a welcome greeting as I amble off to the right to take in the colorful sights and smells of the fresh produce department.  Always top quality, it's virtually impossible to pass the professionally wrapped packages and expertly arranged displays without making several choice selections to take home.  By the time I add the necessary staples from the dairy department to my cart, I'm only a few steps from some of the finest quality meats in town.  Merchandising makes a fresh meat department, and these folks know how to make my mouth water!  I don't know about you, but I can get lost in my mind thinking about how good those ribs or steaks will taste when they come off the grill, juicy and sizzling, or how wonderful that pork or beef roast with all the trimmings will smell when it comes out of the oven, tender and delicious. 
     How do they do it?  You've noticed the newly paved parking lot and the modernized, open layout inside the store after the interior was remodeled, but you're probably not aware of the new processing equipment they just purchased for the meat and produce departments from H & M Food Equipment Sales and Service, Incorporated.  That's right.  Mr. Ricky Treadwell knows his customers value quality, selection, and low prices combined with service, convenience, and hospitality.  When it comes to ensuring that what you need is available when you need it, Mr. Ricky spares no expense.  Only the best will do.  That's why he depends on H & M for his fresh department commercial processing and packaging equipment.  He's our customer, and we take care of the customer, no matter what.  That's our guarantee.  We make it possible for him to take care of you, his customer. 
     So stop by and experience a welcome change of pace from the usual mad dash for this week's groceries.  In the sea of activity we call life, this down home supermarket seems like an island of relief from the toils and cares of the day.  While you're here, don't forget the feed store next door.  There's no rush.  Visit with your neighbor and become a part of the community created by the good folks at Piggly Wiggly of which H & M Food Equipment is a grateful contributor. 

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